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John Higgins

The flow of the clay at its most plastic, its readiness to take on surface treatment, and the way it responds to expressive ways of working, appeal greatly to me. I may have a general shape or size in mind, but will always allow for, and sometimes encourage, the unexpected in the planning and making, as well as in the firing.

My ideas and inspiration come from outside of the world of pottery. My work may share features and ideas from many areas including architecture, anthropology, geology, design of all kinds, nature, and found objects. The made and the unmade, everywhere, are my sources.

I make work in series and groups, which allows for ideas to be developed and explored. Each body of work will have its own vocabulary and set of altered formal elements, like line, colour, texture, and shape. I am told, however, that nobody has any trouble in recognising a piece as a ‘John Higgins’.



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