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Yuxue Jiang

I am a ceramic artist. I have a background in Ceramics and have studied it for 4 years with plenty of forming methods, including throwing, doing sculpture and firing, so I hope to try using different materials to express my theme. Meanwhile, based on my research of various materials, corresponding properties, as well as unique artistic languages. Recently, my research question is ‘how is clay used as a material to express an idea of metaphorical quality of skin?’. I tend to create some works related to human’s skin and animal’s skin. Furthermore, I would attempt to solve the following problem through my research. What is the similarity between skin and clay? What is the relationship between skin and clay? How can we use clay to express the potential of skin? How can I combine the similarities between skin and clay together to create works? Finally, how can I use comparative and intense colour to height the skin topics? Which colour is the most representative colour to express this theme?

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